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How to Have a Cheap Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is one of the best ideas that every couple would fantasize to have their wedding amidst the water and sands. A beach wedding can bring a lot of happy memories and best pictures too. So if you are also someone who has their wedding bells soon to ring and thinking about a breezy wedding affair then here is how you can plan your beach wedding in the most affordable way.

The wedding location

Not all beaches can turn out to be a costly affair whereas every beach may give you the same feeling of being married amongst the winds and tides. When you are booking up a beach for the wedding ceremonies, make sure that you are choosing the location wisely not forgetting your budget. Remember to compare the prices of few beaches before you finalize a beach for the nuptials to take place.

The guest list

The guest list for the beach wedding party is also another thing that you should make with full precision and accuracy so that you don’t miss down on your esteemed guests as well as also save down a few bucks by limiting your guest list. Do your homework well and decide in advance a well-customized list of all the invitees who will be joining you for the party fervour at the beach.

beach wedding planners

Get the locals working for you

It is always better to appoint the wedding planner Chandigarh officiate the wedding ceremonies. If you are planning to take a whole team from your city to the beach wedding destination, then firstly you have to make arrangements for their conveyance and transfers, and secondly, they will charge you more due to the out of city arrangements that they will make. So it’s better that you get the locals working for you who may specialize in the beach wedding arrangements and also save you your hard earned money.

Try on something different with the cake

Wedding cakes are one of the significant things that one would invest in to make the wedding look fancy. But when you are at the beach, you don’t have to stick to those old ethnic style icing cakes and try on something new such as a wedding cupcake or anything that may save you the expense of buying a wedding cake that can cost you a hefty amount.

Cut down the expense on the wedding dress

The wedding dress is obviously something that a bride cannot compromise on her D day, but acting wise is the requirement of the situation. When the ceremonies are taking place in a hotel or any other party place, then we can understand your dream of dressing up like a queen with all those heavy outfits. But when you are amidst the waves and tides, then it is better that you choose sand friendly and light clothes which will make you comfortable walking on the sands and will also help you to chalk down on some wedding expenses.

Save bucks on your wedding card

A beach wedding may already add on burden to your wedding arrangements and having a fancy card that cost you huge bucks may be a bad idea if you want to have a budgeted beach wedding. So skip on the lavish wedding cards and keep it simple and sweet to have a budgeted beach wedding affair.

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Put The Magic of Words into Your Wedding Invites

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Put The Magic of Words into Your Wedding Invites

Dreamland deals with the Wedding cards that are the very first thing that your guests receive which has enough power to give a small sneak peek to your wedding. As it is said, the menu card is enough to have an idea of the food quality of a hotel, in the same way, a wedding card helps in deciding the grandeur of the wedding. Thus it is essential that the wedding card comes in a complete package to enthral your guests to be a part of the marriage. Here is how you can add on some magic to your wedding invites.

Wise wordings

A wedding card has its own set of rules and protocols to follow so take care that you are wording it wisely. The cards should have a classy touch and should be moulded in such a way that it compels the guests to honour their presence in the wedding ceremony.

Stay away from drippy sentiments

A wedding card is a mix composition of feelings, sentiments, the person who is throwing the party and a lot more. But when you are wording the wedding card, there can be various thongs that may be bad in taste, try to make pace with such things so that your wedding card doesn’t look messy. Do not ink cloying poetries and notes that may make your guests feel offended such as children are not welcome or any such similar remarks.

Mix and match the shape, size and writing style

Gone are those days when wedding cards to have a one-shot formal tone from start to end. Now are the days when you can mix and match things to get over the tone. Earlier the cards usually used to be a 4×6 inch rectangular shaped card, but nowadays there are ample of options that you can choose to transform your wedding card adhering to the modern vibes. Skip over those boring square and rectangular shaped cards and add some voguish look to your cards by playing the mix and match style.

Proofread the wedding card thrice

Once you have finalized the wedding card and you are all set to get your wedding cards printed, make sure that you proofread the wordings thrice. You can also take someone along with you who can help in the proofreading task. Even the slightest piece of mistake in the words or venue or timings can create confusions on the D day. Even wrong spellings and grammar mistakes can create a mockery, so triple check the wedding invitation to ensure that there are no mistakes.

Start early

If you want to pen down your wedding card in the best possible way, then make sure that you are starting early. Last moment printing of wedding cards when you can just hold them and straight rush to invite your guests can make your wedding cards prone to mistakes and errors. So start the wedding invitation process well in advance so that you are able to engrave the wordings on the card with full sophistication and charm.

Stay away from overcrowding the card

Your card should have all the key points such as the timings, the date, the hosts and all such essentials and should end up in a sweet tone. Squeezing up a lot many things on the wedding card may make your card look shabby and may turn out as a spoiler. So maintain the elegancy and sum up in short and sweet words.

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